Some of us will remember the decade but others may not

moose jaw pride ready to celebrate their 25th anniversary this weekend

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moncler outlet NostalgiaArchive photos of Birmingham in the 1960sClint Eastwood on Smallbrook Queensway? Malcolm X in Smethwick? Welcome to Birmingham and the Black Country in the 1960s. Some of us will remember the decade but others may not. These black and white photographs offer a glimpse at life during the decade in the Second City. moncler outlet

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moncler outlet online The Atlantic’s essay “My Family’s Slave,” in which Alex Tizon writes about Eudocia Tomas Pulido, who was his family’s katulong, or domestic servant, for 56 years. And the Philippines? Shereen and Gene talk to Vicente Rafael, a professor who has studied and written about the practice in his native Philippines. We also hear from Lydia moncler outlet store Catina Amaya, a Filipina who was a katulong in the Philippines and the United States. moncler outlet online

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